Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti was the first nation that recognized Greece's independence

Haiti was the first nation that recognized Greece's independence in 1821.
Although they had gained their own independence a few years earlier & had very bad economy, they sent to Adamantios Korais -the Greek governor- 25 tons of Haitian coffee to sell and buy weapons for the Greek Revolution.

In the letter J.P.Boyer –the Haitian governor – sent to Korais the ancient Greeks’ heroism & virtue is many times mentioned, which the modern Greeks were supposed to meet and would meet due to their ancestors’ legacy & the holiness of their purpose.

(This letter of J.P.Boyer in greek: )


psephis said...

Hi! This is an interesting blog and so is this post about the historical ties connecting Greece with Haiti.

I have to make a small correction however: Korais was not the governor of Greece (and Greece had not existed as a modern state yet, at the time). Korais was a humanist scholar and an important figure in Greek culture (especially, linguistics). When the Independence War errupted, he formed a solidarity committee in Paris where he then lived, and it was as a representative of that committee that he contacted Haiti's president, Boyer.

More about Korais can be found here.

The first head of modern Greek state was Ioannis Kapodistrias, an important figure in European diplomacy.

cialis said...

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